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JANIAL, d.o.o.
Cesta na Ostrožno 135, Celje
00386 51/236-252
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Kartonska embalaza

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Who we are
We are a small family company that was founded in 1992. Initially, we operated as a fast food for preparing and distributing takeaway food. We have successfully worked until 2005 when we connect our activity with selling cardboard boxes which we needed as well. Today, the manufacturing and selling small-scale packing cartons is our main business.

The mission of our company is to ensure the level of quality of our products and operations in accordance with the requirements, needs and desires of our customers. Our smallness is our advantage, which is reflected in our flexibility.

Majority of our customers are food packaging consumers, but our goal is to expand our products to other users as well.

What we offer
We produce all kinds of different cardboard packaging that can be printed in one colour.
We respect the delivery deadlines, we strive to maintain low prices and quality products.

Our environmentally friendly policy and quality policy demand the best recycled materials and printing water-based paints.
Cardboard waste generated in the cuting is also recycled.

slovenska embala?a slovenska embala?a slovenska embala?a

Kartonska embalaža v našem prodajnem programu zajema široko izbiro izdelkov primernih za:

Izdelke domače obrti
Domače kmečke izdelke
Darila (darilna embalaža)
Spletne trgovine
ter neomejene možnosti uporabe.

Eko kartonska embala?a

Prizadevamo si za ekološko usmerjenost, zato uporabljamo naravne, biološko razgradljive materiale, v beli ali rjavi izvedbi.

Dodatna ponudba:
- možnost tiska po dogovoru
- industrijsko pakiranje manjših izdelkov

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